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Jim Hudson

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Jim Hudson’s musical roots are deep. With parentage infused in the business of entertainment, music is Hudson’sJim Hudson - Lead guitar and Vocals natural and unrelenting passion.

Hudson received his formal training in Chicago at the American Conservatory of Music before, as an introspective 18 year old; he set out on the road to quench his thirst for music and adventure. Paying dues working as a street musician in New Orleans and San Francisco, Hudson criss-crossed America playing hundreds of gigs in every imaginable venue. It was the mid 70’s and Hudson was maturing as a man and a musician.

It’s Jim Hudson’s considerable talent, his sweet vocal harmonies and wry sense of humor that help create the special chemistry of Hudson-McCoy, the band.

Michael McCoy

Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Mike McCoy formed his first working band as a teenager and as an adult has achieved a level Michael McCoy - Rhythm Guitar and Vocalsof accomplishment few musicians reach. Over the course of his professional career McCoy explored and mastered a variety of styles including Country Music and Traditional Folk before finding his artistic home in Classic Rock.

A native of Rockford, Illinois, McCoy has performed before thousands in audiences ranging from intimate dinner theatre settings, the raucous club scene, giant outdoor venues as well as the legitimate theater.

Today, McCoy’s thoughtful lyrics, powerful vocals and guitar virtuosity are the driving force behind the sound of Hudson-McCoy, the band.

Joe LaSalla

Bass Guitar

Joe LaSalla’s father was an acoustic bass player for the Dave Remington Jazz trio in the late Joe LaSalla - Bass Guitar50’s and early 1960’s. “Chic” LaSalla began instructing his seven-year-old son when “Joey” had to stand on a chair to reach the fingerboard of the giant wooden instrument.

LaSalla formed his first group in Rockford, Illinois about the same time Rick Nielson, who eventually created Cheap Trick, was also finding his musical path. Subsequent projects included forays into wildly diverse musical styles ranging from folk music to heaving and thrashing rock & roll with the heavy metal band, Submission. 

Joe LaSalla’s master’s hand and storming bass guitar playing serve up the base line that is the driving heartbeat of Hudson-McCoy, the band.

Kiffer Allen

Keyboards and Vocals

A childhood full of music, including classical piano training, and years of participation in several Kiffer Allen - Keyboards and Vocalsorchestras playing clarinet, set the stage for a later life adoption into the Hudson-McCoy band’s stunning interpretations of today’s Classic Rock. Spending the last ten years honing the classic rock genre, Kiffer adds a special part to the band.

Kiffer’s creative fills and percussive style are instrumental in rounding out the special sound of today’s Hudson-McCoy shows. Sometimes hard driving, sometimes sweet background, Kiffer’s keyboard skills and overall acumen are a valuable addition to the evolution of this superb musical ensemble known as Hudson-McCoy, the band.

Chris Starke


Chris's obvious love of music began early. He started playing drums when he was 10 years old; theChris Starke - Percussion beginning of a lifelong love affair with vintage drum sets and percussion instruments. He has been playing professionally since he was 16. His varied experience includes dance, wedding, jazz, concert, cocktail and rock bands. He has recorded with independent and local artists in the Chicago area for several decades and is known for his precise and explosive style. Chris's creative talents are a perfect compliment to the Hudson-McCoy sound.

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